(‘Alonga me’ – ‘with me’, Norfolk dialect)

Alongame is a series of projects – ranging from games, to streams, to live events – all built around people creating worlds and telling stories together. At the heart of every Alongame project is the joy found in telling stories together, making something that could never have imagined alone.

Every project also loosely connects to the fictional world of Alongame: a welcoming and wild place of ritual and folk magic.

The next project is The Shield & Torch, a freeform interactive show which offers people the chance to spend the evening in a fantasy tavern as one of its many rogues and adventurers. Click here to learn more, and here for tickets.

The first Alongame project in 2021 was a series of weekly game releases and live-streams, inviting a community of remote players to add to a shared world through role-play, storytelling and crafting. Find out more about it here.

If you have a question about these projects that the site doesn’t answer, you can contact us using this form.