Lichencross’ shelf

A small glass jar has been gifted to Lichencross by Blossomdrift, which can be seen on the shelf of gifts.

Photos from a journey to the Astronomer’s Ridge on Scapelock‘s map
This Alongame saying

Never touch the pond, unless a succulent pumpkin is efficiently melted by bodies.

A mushroom poem, inspired by Blossomdrift‘s long dozen

inner expanse,
clouded and dark. the light banished and soul drenched.
return to your body, breathe. cry and feel and live and live

A long dozen poem

star-kissed ruin
forgotten by all but the sky and earth
you deserve more than we can give, sanctum of the soul

A kingfisher, which makes this sound whenever anyone is near
A map, with this note attached

When passing through town, the locals will tell you of a well known, comfortable hot spring just outside town. Wander uphill, following the crest of the nearby slope and you will find a beautiful meadow leading to pockets of peaceful ponds

A cairn, telling this story

This cairn of deep amethyst and silica tells the story of a miner struggling with depression. Having recently lost his partner to illness, he fell into an emotional state as deep and dark as the mine itself. His fellow miners banded together to ensure the man always had company when working, they shared stories and sung and encouraged the man to share his sorrows with the crew. As it turns out, the other miners had struggles of their own. As the first miner began to rise from depths, others felt weights lifted from them that they didn’t realise they shouldered, all benefited from the comradery and support, eve– 

*The particulars of the ending of this story have been lost. Unfortunately, after the mine was exhausted, the effort to seal the mine against future wanderers demolished the final two stones of the cairn. The story of the miners nevertheless is suspected to be the foundation of the town’s emotionally supportive culture.*

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