Vaseridge’s shelf

Photos, taken at the end of a journey to the windmill on Mirrorbird‘s map
A kite, which makes this sound whenever anyone is near:
A mushroom poem, inspired by Duskrest‘s long dozen

Reach up spread out
We are but creatures between heaven and earth
Clouds flowing by just like time flowing by will never cease

A mushroom poem, inspired by Blossomdrift‘s long dozen

Horizon vast
The sunset loom weaves colours; emerge and fade
Don’t cry for what’s gone; savour what’s left; and face what’s to come

A mushroom poem, inspired by Bookfold‘s long dozen

What you can give
Is what will be totally taken from you
The circle of life keeps spinning but is never complete

A mushroom poem, inspired by Applecap‘s long dozen

Forgotten one
Had tears been shed for you when you were no more?
I dedicate my sweat and a moment’s peace to your life

Three long dozen poems

Clear blue skies
Rustling of breezes from I don’t know where
How many fishes wanted to live in a forest?

Rice dumplings
Eat them while they’re hot because they don’t last
Bro will eat the beautifully wrapped ones by Grandma

Bunny ears
Listen to the breeze over the water
Is it a threat or is it the thumping of my heart?

A map, with this note attached

An agrarian area with a hill. The old quarry is filled with water and gives you a scenic view but also known to be dangerous with toxic waters

A cairn, telling this story

At this cave, which is at the opening of a cave next to the quarry, there’s an old tale few know about today. This was the home of the brave men of Idriss who hid as they awaited an ambush on their enemies. As they hid there making weapons and crafting armour, they waited for the enemy forces to take over the village, assuming that the inhabitants had fled. Little did the invaders know that in the dead of the night they would be overcome by the brave men and women who would come out and slaughter their enemies and let their blood flow down the Kaidee river. Legend has it that the bodies were buried in the forests to the west. If you go into the cave today, you can still find traces of the iron weaponry that were forged and left behind. The story had been retold so many times that the truth is a remote reality for most, but if you can read runes, the diaries of the former inhabitants can be found of the walls of the cave.

Notes on an acquaintance

I was along the Firefly river when I saw him.

He was standing with his back facing me in the grain field, with some heavy breathing. The grain plants reached to his hip and the leaves were really green. He turned around to look back at me.

“Hi,” I said. “Hi,” he said in between breaths, peeking out from his straw hat.

“Give me a minute, I just have to pull out this bird stuck in the field. It’s a stupid bird and got itself caught in a rodent trap we set in the field,” he said.

“Hey my name is Elkpond,” he said, as he released the bird. The bird’s head was a bit tilted as it waddled away. “I’m just someone who doesn’t really have much to do so now I’m taking care of all the odd jobs. I’m kinda in between formal jobs so it’s nice to meet you, helps with the boredom you know? I just walk around all day and help whoever’s in need. They call me the scram master but honestly it’s just a fancy title for mucking around.”

“Oh Tilleryard? Yes I know her, she’s quite famous around here for being near the shelves a lot. Don’t really know her that well to be honest but I can bring you to her. Is she a librarian? Or a folklorists? She’s told me about you, vaseridge, said that you could be a visitor here but I didn’t know you’d just appear like that,” he explained. With a look up and down me he observed “Your clothes are… way too little for our climate. Hehe. I have a few pieces from when I was younger that could fit you, if you’re game. Do you want to go to my shed?” he asked.

We walked south to his shed, where he opened up a little wardrobe doors into a huge closet inside.
He bent down and pulled out a storage box, rummaging through it.

“Aha! Found it! I honestly haven’t worn these in years, I hope they’re not too different from the last time I remember them! Look and see if you can fit into these”, he handed me a pair of long pants and a fluffy coat made of feathers, “They’ll keep you warmer than that shirt and shorts you’re wearing”

I received them gratefully, and slowly felt the warmth building in me as the light feather coat rested on my shoulders.

“Hey Elkpond, I’m really grateful for this” I said, “I didn’t realise how cold I was until I put on this coat”. The coat had 2 layers, a fluffy undercoat which was soft against my skin, and a tougher outer layer with bigger feathers on the outside.

“You know once I gave a friend a leather bag. I really liked that bag when I got it, but my needs changed and the satchel no longer fit my needs. So I gave it to a friend who wanted to change herself to become someone new. She had gotten rid of all her things from before as she did not want to stay as who she was, and was in need of some new things. She now owned that bag for longer than I have, and I’m sure she has had great memories of going on marvelous adventures with that bag. Thank you for the clothes, and I’m going to honour your gift by making full use of the clothes you have given me” I said, as I beamed at him.

“Well then you better get going on adventures now!” He smiled with this wide cheeky signature grin. “I’ll need to make some food for one of the old retirees, catch you later!”

I bid him farewell as I stepped outside. I looked out and saw a dark cloud in the north, bringing with it a trail of rain. I was back at the Firefly river again, with a poncho on me. The rain will soon come, and the clothes will come in handy.

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