Candlehum’s shelf (entrusted to Holyviolet)

An item that once belonged to Holyviolet

There’s a white paper bag with a familiar orange, pink and brown logo in fat letters on the front. It’s a surprise to see it on his shelf, as last I’d seen the bag, Socrates was very carefully fastening it to his belt, so he could enjoy the rest of the donut holes I’d brought him from my world later on when he was hungry again. The bag is still fairly crisp, tho now empty except for traces of sugar and crumbs inside, and the faint sweet smell of baked goods. I know it’s mine because I’d doodled a grape cluster on the back to differentiate it from the bags I’d kept for home consumption. Perhaps Socrates shared the rest of the donut holes with Candlehum at some point, or gave him the rest in the bag in exchange for something? I shall have to ask Socrates, and perhaps we can do something together to commemorate and celebrate Candlehum’s shelf and life.

Five other items on the shelf

There’s the buzzing of a fly, zooming in close then just as quickly moving away. It sounds like a hot summer day near the Beacon, like a messenger darting in and out of the Portal with important news.

There’s a pot of campanula, purple flowers starry against the green. Candlehum worked at the historic Greenhouse, and probably brought this plant home to nurture or for company or perhaps a little bit of both.

There’s an eyeglass cloth, with the name of an optician from the City Center printed on the soft blue fabric. The merchants set up there with wondrous things from the length and breadth of Alongame. At some point someone must have learned about optics and glass grinding, perhaps even a scholar from the College. I wonder if Candlehum wore glasses, whether this was a free cloth that came with his first pair, or a remembrance from someone else. I wonder if he rubbed the fuzzy cloth between his fingers and thought fondly of the giver, or if he just liked the color and thought the size too impractical for his work or household use.

There’s an illuminated map of the City Of Splendors, along with parts of the neighboring areas. He must have gotten this from the College, which hands them out fairly freely, tho this one is particularly pretty, with colors and whimsical drawings.

There’s the scent of coconut and pineapple, scents I’d never encountered before in Alongame. It reminds me of sitting in the shade on a tropical beach, with the lapping crystal blue of the ocean dazzling the eye while the golden sands absorb and release the sun’s heat. I wonder where he got this from, whether he’s been through the Portal as well and took a well-deserved vacation, sipping pina coladas somewhere and relaxing.

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