Bristletap’s shelf (entrusted to Applecap)

An item that once belonged to Applecap: A carved penguin made of coal.It was a gift from my Grandmother.I lost it.It was found. Five other items on the shelf: A carved wooden duck made of burnt wood.A feather from the Complicated Owl.A drawing of a ghost.A hat from the wedding where the bride never appeared.AContinue reading “Bristletap’s shelf (entrusted to Applecap)”

Candlehum’s shelf (entrusted to Holyviolet)

An item that once belonged to Holyviolet There’s a white paper bag with a familiar orange, pink and brown logo in fat letters on the front. It’s a surprise to see it on his shelf, as last I’d seen the bag, Socrates was very carefully fastening it to his belt, so he could enjoy theContinue reading “Candlehum’s shelf (entrusted to Holyviolet)”

Cornerchime’s shelf

A map, with a note attached People travel through here, only some of them stay. This is a liminal space for many. If you decide not to stay, please leave something behind. The hills like to remember. Notes on a development on Conebird‘s map The hedge has grown. It hasn’t done so in years.  ItContinue reading “Cornerchime’s shelf”

Lichencross’ shelf

A small glass jar has been gifted to Lichencross by Blossomdrift, which can be seen on the shelf of gifts. Photos from a journey to the Astronomer’s Ridge on Scapelock‘s map This Alongame saying Never touch the pond, unless a succulent pumpkin is efficiently melted by bodies. A mushroom poem, inspired by Blossomdrift‘s long dozenContinue reading “Lichencross’ shelf”

Blossomdrift’s shelf

A small glass jar has been gifted to Blossomdrift by Holyviolet, which can be seen on the shelf of gifts. Blossomdrift has also been entrusted with Cloudsway‘s shelf Notes on a constellation The boat and the anchor, in memory of AA A Night Falls poem the tides flo, bright friendsdrink coffeemay health reel in bitterContinue reading “Blossomdrift’s shelf”

Vaseridge’s shelf

Photos, taken at the end of a journey to the windmill on Mirrorbird‘s map A kite, which makes this sound whenever anyone is near: A mushroom poem, inspired by Duskrest‘s long dozen Reach up spread outWe are but creatures between heaven and earthClouds flowing by just like time flowing by will never cease A mushroomContinue reading “Vaseridge’s shelf”