The Shield & Torch: designing for play (2)

I’ve already done a bit of reflecting on the play-testing for Shield & Torch and the lessons learnt – but this project contains so much that’s new (or at least not-quite-like things I’ve done before), there’s a lot I’m gaining from the play-test and it makes sense Stop people falling down the gap between expectationContinue reading “The Shield & Torch: designing for play (2)”

The Shield & Torch: Designing for Play (1?)

Now, despite the incredibly broad title for this – I’m just going to focus on a few things that have come up so far in debriefs with the cast of The Shield & Torch, following last week’s playtest. I’m just covering a few points and might do a bit more of this thinking next week,Continue reading “The Shield & Torch: Designing for Play (1?)”

The Shield & Torch: why it feels like cheating (and why it isn’t)

So, last night was the playtest of The Shield & Torch – a mix of interactive theatre and role-playing game (that allows people to play out someone’s evening in a fantasy tavern) that I’ve wanted to try and make happen for a while. My brain’s still somewhat wired from the day of prep, the showContinue reading “The Shield & Torch: why it feels like cheating (and why it isn’t)”

The Shield & Torch: small traditions and back pockets

The Shield & Torch is a live event set in a fantasy tavern, combining elements from interactive theatre and role-playing games. Tickets are now on sale here. I’ve never made something like The Shield & Torch before. I have not worked with the majority of the cast before. I have not had to try andContinue reading “The Shield & Torch: small traditions and back pockets”

Bristletap’s shelf (entrusted to Applecap)

An item that once belonged to Applecap: A carved penguin made of coal.It was a gift from my Grandmother.I lost it.It was found. Five other items on the shelf: A carved wooden duck made of burnt wood.A feather from the Complicated Owl.A drawing of a ghost.A hat from the wedding where the bride never appeared.AContinue reading “Bristletap’s shelf (entrusted to Applecap)”

Candlehum’s shelf (entrusted to Holyviolet)

An item that once belonged to Holyviolet There’s a white paper bag with a familiar orange, pink and brown logo in fat letters on the front. It’s a surprise to see it on his shelf, as last I’d seen the bag, Socrates was very carefully fastening it to his belt, so he could enjoy theContinue reading “Candlehum’s shelf (entrusted to Holyviolet)”

Holyviolet’s Shelf

Holyviolet has also been entrusted with Candlehum’s shelf. A Constellation The Flying Squirrel constellation, in memory of Candlehum, friend to flora and fauna everywhere, no matter how small, meek or ugly. A Night Falls poem Friends, warm appreciationcompany invitingidyllic and welcomeAll the friendsincredulous jazzy stageabsent comfortable winebooks haveeatenhungry? ComeThe baked goods, savory and sweet anyContinue reading “Holyviolet’s Shelf”

SilentHanger’s shelf

This Alongame saying Always kiss the rival, unless a wet goose is strangely counted by song. Turns out, certain wise’uns count in song, and if you peck them on the cheek, soggy geese’ll peck you in turn. A butterfly, bound to an empty space now-tilled, which makes this sound whenever anyone is near: A photoContinue reading “SilentHanger’s shelf”