The Shield & Torch: FAQs

When and where is it?

Wednesday 16th November, 14th December and 11th January at Colab Tavern, from 7.30pm-10.00pm each night. These are standalone events – you can come to one or all of them!

How much is it?

A ticket will cost £15.00 (this is just for one date rather than all three).

When will tickets go on sale?

Tickets will likely be released late September/early October – join the Alongame mailing list to know the moment they’re available.

How many people will be there?

There will be maximum 40 people present each night (including 5 performers)

Can I dress up?

Absolutely! You simply need to dress up with the following in mind: the world of The Shield and Torch has no fantastical creatures, beasts or species, so everyone present is role-playing as a human. Make-up or prosthetics to change your skin colour or features is not permitted.

Feel free to get in touch with the team via our contact page if you have any questions about costume.

Is it suitable for children?

Everyone coming to The Shield and Torch must be over 18 years old. (As our ticketing system does not have a means of confirming individuals’ ages, people may be asked for ID when purchasing drinks)

How does making a character work?

You’ll have a few options of things to choose about your character – what their job is, how well-known they are, an interesting rumour about them, and so on. There’ll be a performer present to help with any questions and fleshing them out a little! You’ll likely find out more about your character during the evening – it’s led a lot by what’s fun for you to role-play!

Is this like immersive theatre?

The Shield & Torch is very different to the kind of immersive theatre where you can freely move around a beautiful set and watch stories unfold; it’s got a little more in common with the kind of immersive theatre where you’re getting stuck in, making decisions and affecting what happens.

However, the big difference is that The Shield & Torch is a lot more freeform than most immersive theatre; performers aren’t making sure events happen or working to a ready-made structure (they’re there to help you discover what stories you want to tell, and then tell them!). The focus is what comes out of everyone playing out what their character wants to do.

Is the venue physically accessible?

Colab Tavern has a few steps across the different interior spaces (around 5-6 in all) so unfortunately it is not suitable for wheelchair users. (Colab Tavern does have a basement space but we will not be using this area)

The Colab Tavern does not have an accessible toilet.

Is there any distressing or adult content?

None of the pre-written content for The Shield & Torch (postings on the tavern noticeboard, fortunes given by magical items, messages from otherworldly portals) contains distressing or adult content. Elements of the experience do touch upon themes of death (due to magical means of talking to the dead), but it’s possible to simply not engage with this content if you don’t want to.

A lot of The Shield & Torch is what people create on the evening, but everyone is instructed not to introduce triggering content (via their character’s history, for instance).

Can I read up on things like making a character before coming?

We understand that some people will feel more confident getting involved if they’ve looked over materials beforehand; in that spirit, they’re available here. Please note that these might get tweaked following play-tests in October, but we expect them to largely stay quite similar.

However: the evening is run on the assumption that people have not read anything beforehand. We’re not asking people to do homework! These materials are purely available should they reduce anxiety or suchlike for anyone who’d like to get involved.

How does this all relate to last year’s Alongame project?

Good question! To be honest, The Shield & Torch is connected to The Alongame Shelves thematically more than anything – it’s about exploring fun and interesting ways for people to tell stories together, and to foster communities through communal storytelling.

The Shield & Torch isn’t bound by any of the worldbuilding done in last year’s project; think of it as being part of the same overall world, but a different country – it’s more of a classic fantasy tone, albeit still in a heavily rural world with ritual-based magic.

If you have a question that isn’t covered above, you can get in touch with us here and we will reply as soon as we can.

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